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At UBL, we consider our employees to be our most precious assets. We nurture them and provide favorable environment to grow. At present, we are creating a team of outstanding professionals. Employees are an integral part of our company and we provide them a host of benefits. We ensure that our employees are always motivated and stay with us for longer time period. Therefore, we have several established growth strategies and motivational approaches which include cash on spot for agents, RnR (Rewards and Recognition) for employees, hikes in every 6 months, and IJP (internal job posting). In addition, our regular training programs such as refresher trainings and updates trainings enable the employees to stay abreast with any new information.

Cash on spot is our popular incentive cash plan. In the process, we identify the top performers from the batch and provide them instant cash reward. This entirely depends on their sales (hourly,daily,weekly). We offer incentives on a regular basis on achievement of said targets.

Every quarter, we provide RnR i.e. rewards and recognitions to agents and employees in the form of certificates, mementos and other souvenirs. In order to stimulate enthusiasm amongst them, we organize programs, where we honor the best quality analyst, manager, TL, newcomer, trainee, and individuals with the highest attendance. In addition, every 6 months, we provide hikes in salary as well as promote our employees on the basis of performance, tenure and regularity.

We just do not highly believe in employee retention, but have established several programs to address employee grievances and issues. We provide equal opportunity to all our UBL team members to forward their views and opinions. For this, we have frequent HR Skips, which offer an essential platform to employees to voice their fears and threats. We, at UBL, take every care to resolve the issues and keeps the privacy to our utmost knowledge.

Internal Job Posting or IJP is our vital employee growth and retention strategy to allow employees grow inside or outside the department. We provide vertical and lateral shifts in the organization, where we offer promotions as well as increments in salary. Indeed, we offer fair chance to all the employees to grow with the expansion of our business. We allow them to understand that there are several growth possibilities within the corporate entity.

Moreover, we also organize workshops at UBL Outsourcing for speech correction and communication coupled with numerous operational workshops as part of improved sales techniques. In fact, it goes without saying that a host of training sessions always keeps our agents and employees up and moving

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